Gianluigi Buffon filmed playing soccer with local kids on holiday

Maxime H. - vendredi 15 juillet 2016 286 Likes

Even during his holidays, the incredible Gianluigi Buffon shows his commitment towards soccer.

The 38 years old hasn't lost any talent despite his age. Juventus and Azzuri's extremely charismatic goalkeeper always shows serenity and mad desire to win. Considered as one of the best goalkeepers in the world, Buffon is juts as talented during his days off.

During his holidays in Italy, the classiest player didn't miss the opportunity of kicking the ball with some kids. Whether you're World's Soccer Champion or not, rich or not, nothing is better than a joyous little soccer game. A great moment that must have been magic for these young children. Respect Mr. Buffon.

The captain of the Azzurri was also recently seen giving hugs to his fans...

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