Carlos Tevez refuses to sign with prestigious European club!

Maxime H. - jeudi 28 juillet 2016 110 Likes

Carlos Tevez just said no to one of the best clubs in Europe. It was just announced Argentina.

Tevez is definitely not like any other player. After playing with West Ham in the 2000s, the Argentinian striker joined Manchester United to become one of the key players of Sir Alex Ferguson with who he had been unable to agree on a duration. That's why he decided to join... Manchester City.

After this betrayal, Carlos Tevez finally faced the facts: England was not made for him. That's the reason why he turned to Juventus, who had freshly won Italy's championship. In Turin, the talented Argentinian had the opportunity to grow (50 in two seasons), to win titles and then to leave to South America where he joined Boca Juniors.

However, a return to Europe seemed to be a wise decision, especially this summer. Despite his advanced age (32 years), Antonio Conte wanted to give him the keys to become Chelsea's striker. His former coach at Juve even called him to prove his interest, as Tevez said himself on the radio La Red. Tévez's answer to Conte was quite short and simple: "No, thank you."

Meanwhile, watch one of his fellow countrymen shine bright with his club:

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