Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't sleep anymore

Maxime H. - mercredi 22 juin 2016 338 Likes

No goal scored, a missed penalty, it's the end of the world for CR7. Even his coach, Fernando Santos made a story out of it.

What is happening Cricri? After the huge season accomplished by the triple Ballon d'Or holder, it seems as if the talented player is blocked for the Euro 2016. With such poor performances, like the missed penalty against Austria, Cristiano Ronaldo is definitely not at his best.

This sad penalty fail has also been very hard on the Portuguese as coach Fernando Santos expressed in a press conference: "Cristiano could not sleep after his missed penalty. On Sunday, I was one of the first to wake up and he had not slept at all. "

But the coach has however reassured the fans of the Selecao on the mental state of their star: "Cristiano is the captain of Portugal. He's always hungry, he's a competitive player, a winner and with the experience he has, I know he will react. He may not score for one or two games but he will make his comeback after and score five goals in a row as usual." The famous ketchup theory...

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