Photos: Cristiano Ronaldo recovering fast from knee injury in Ibiza

Maxime H. - dimanche 24 juillet 2016 305 Likes

Cristiano Ronaldo's knee is fine, thank God.

CR7 is Currently in Ibiza, not really thinking about his injury. The Ballon d'Or candidate will be missing the first three games of Real Madrid and is doing whatever he can to enjoy his holidays after a busy season.

While many Madrid fans seem to worry about the health of their star, Cristiano Ronaldo is having the time of his life on his yacht, which is actually not far from player Lionel Messi.

Between diving and other water activities, Madrid's number 7 continues and respects his rehabilitation program carefully. Joking aside, the winner of the Champions League and Euro 2016, does actually really deserve a moment to breathe and relax injured or not. However we hope that he will be back next season in good shape and reassure the fans. Real needs him as soon as possible.

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