Watch: Cristiano Ronaldo's lame joke

Maxime H. - mercredi 03 août 2016 61 Likes

Despite being 31 years old, CR7 still has a child's humour. You can see it with this pretty cheap joke that all of us have already done to our friends.

Cristiano Ronaldo is still on holiday and is clearly enjoying it. After paying a visit to Jennifer Lopez for her birthday and taking a picture with Jason Statham, Real Madrid's star spent these last days with a pretty blonde named Cassandra Davis.

So, what is CR7's next plan? To avoid boredom, the Portuguese striker decided to play a little prank on his friends. Cristiano actually tried to scare his friends by waiting for them at the exit of an elevator. Flashlight in hand, sunglasses on his nose, he screamed "Police!" to them. Oh Ronaldo, he definitely is comical...

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