Cristiano Ronaldo VS Lionel Messi: King Pelé chooses sides

Maxime H. - jeudi 21 juillet 2016 351 Likes

For the release of his new movie "Pelé - Birth of a legend" the king of soccer spoke about the rivalry between Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi.

Journalists came numeroulsy for the release of the biopic of the former top player and couldn't resist the temptation to question the Brazilian about the two playersdominating world soccer currently. For the best scorer in the history of the Seleçao, no doubt, Lionel Messi is a step above everyone else: "Currently, Messi is my favorite although I appreciate Cristiano and Neymar..."

But Pele didn't stop there. If he clearly chooses Leo's side, another Portuguese occupies a special place in his heart: "We can't forget the other players, especially Eusebio. You know why I'm mentioning Eusebio? Because I played with him. and people should remember that everything has changed in our time, the playing style as well as the soccer balls. Now the game is more defensive and it is becoming very rare to see great players contrary to the 60's and the 70's.

That's the reason why we should aprappreciate CR7 and Leo even more!

But.. what about Zizou?  

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