WOW! Discover Adriano's new shocking lifestyle

Maxime H. - vendredi 29 juillet 2016 133 Likes

Inter Milan, Roma and Parma's former player has radically changed his lifestyle in Brazil.

Far from the luxurious life he used to live, Adriano seems to have forgotten the times he scored 74 goals in 177 games with Inter or even his 27 goals in just 48 appearances with Brazil... The center forward, who was engaged with Miami's club suddenly ended his contract last May and has clearly sinked in to the dark side. From the pitch of Giuseppe Meazza to the favelas, Adriano went from Champions League to gangsterism.

As you can see with these pictures that are all over the Internet, the former Brazilian star poses with his new friends who do not seem to have any connection with soccer. "The Emperor", as he was nicknamed by the fans of Inter Milan, seems very far from the time he used to be one of the most dangerous strikers with Christian Vieri. It is now with a gun in hand that Adriano strikes...

After experiencing many alcohol problems in Italy, multiple arrests for drug trafficking in Brazil, a transfer to Havre cancelled in extremis, the life of Adriano is almost like an action movie. When you look at his new friends, you can't help but think that there are many more scandals to come in the life of the Brazilian...

Watch the best goals of Adriano during his time at Inter Milan:

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