Dramatic turn of events in Paul Pogba's transfer

Maxime H. - lundi 25 juillet 2016 292 Likes

While we were all expecting Paul Pogba to sign with Manchester United very soon, a recent annoucement may change everything!

The Italian journalist of Sky Sport Gianluca Di Marzio, who is always well informed when it comes to news about the transfer window by the way, said that the price of Gonzalo Higuain's transfer had absolutely nothing to do with Paul Pogba's transfer. On the contrary, the French player might stay in Juventus after all, as the club's leaders finally decided that the $131 million proposed by the Red Devils were not enough!

We wonder if Juventus intend to ask for a lot more money (which would really be exagerated) or if they finally decided to keep Paul Pogba and develop a team that could be one of the favorites to win the Champions League next season?

(According to  Juventus decided that $131 million is not enough for pogba)

(According to @DiMarzio Juventus thinks that MU's offer of $131 million + a $12 million bonus is not enough)

So, we won't get to see the Frenchie score goals under Manchester United's jersey again?

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