FIFA 17 update: better free kicks and penalties

Maxime H. - vendredi 08 juillet 2016 45 Likes

Next September, EA Sports will release their newest version of FIFA. Until then let's discover this new feature that will be blow your mind!

While hard-core gamers are gonna get the chance to test FIFA 17 September 12th through the demo, other gamers will have to wait the 29th to buy it. And this year, Fifa is doings things bigger and better. Besides the new game mode we talked about last time, the game will have other big changes concerning set pieces.

There will be the possibility of determinating the intensity and speed of a hit but also you can choose the posinioning of your player to get a different angle. In other words, if you get well placed free fick and you have Ricardo Quaresma in your team, don't hesitate on using his wrong foot for... a wonderful shoot only he can accomplish successfully.

For the moment, it's James Rodriguez that distinguished himself on video:

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