Here are 8 new changes in FIFA 16 you are sure to like!

OMG Staff - Wednesday 18 May 2016 233 Likes

As we recently learned the incorporation of 12 female national teams in the FIFA 16 game, here are 8 new changes that will make you love FIFA 16!

  1. Huge tifos in the stadiums. Even more spectacular than the one of PSG against Chelsea!


  1. More singing and more fans. Honestly, in Turkey it is animated unlike Fifa 15!


  1. More tension during games. Heck, we don’t mind fights at all!


  1. The return of the good old tackle on the goalkeeper. Get a red cart to bring him down when he is winning more time. Worth it, right?


  1. All star teams PES style, but with clubs. Classical PSG vs. OM, are you down?


  1. More inspired commentators. Hervé Mathoux and Franck Sauzée, come on give us something else guys!


  1. Celebrations Gatsby style! let the show begin.


  1. Nothing cooler than FIFA evenings between friends. But imagine an ultra developed online multiplayer mode? YES pleaaaase !


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