Here's the reason why Cristiano Ronaldo wears nail polish

Maxime H. - mercredi 03 août 2016 702 Likes

Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo did wear nail polish on his toenails.

On Tuesday, pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo were circulating all over Instagram. In these pictures you could see the young man wearing a beautiful black nail polish on his talented feet. If his biggest haters took advantage of this opportunity to tease him, his fans were defending him by accusing the photos of being fake. But can we really deny the obvious?

In fact, Real Madrid's lefty did put nail polish on his feet. But here's an explanation that just dropped and seems actually believable. According to the English press, this is by no means a fashion choice but purely a medical treatment. Once again, Ronaldo shows us his professionalism since this black nail polish prevents him from catching bacterias on his feet. Some other media even talked about a possibility of accelerating the healing process after his injury during Euro final game (Mmh, really? Yeah, right!).

At least these pictures Cricri made us forget about the photos where he is proudly and narcissisticly showing his abs. Right...?

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