Is Arsenal resentful of Vardy's about-face?

Maxime H. - vendredi 24 juin 2016 26 Likes

Leicester striker Jamie Vardy decided to sign a new contract with the champions whereas he was pretty close to joining Arsenal. Are the Gunners hurt by this withdrawal?

Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger said on French television he had no hard feelings about Vardy's will to stay in Leicester City, rather than moving to Emirates Stadium. Jamie Vardy - who's competing for the Euro Cup with the Three Lions - signed a four-year contract extension on Thursday in order to help Ranieri's team next season. 

Arsenal trigerred Vardy's release clause in his contract and offered him better personal terms than Leicester did. Despite of it all, the striker decided to keep playing for the Foxes. "I think Leicester have made a statement and Vardy will stay. We were on the case and interested, but not more than that," Wenger said. Is Wenger a bitter person? Actually not.

"He has decided to stay at Leicester and good luck to him. He came late to the game and in fairness Leicester bought him from Fleetwood and he has been successful. He is 29 and he has chosen to stay at Leicester. You have to respect that." The French also spoke about N'Golo Kanté, who seems close to Arsenal too: "It is very difficult to talk about that at the moment. Kanté is on the list of many clubs. It is an area where we have many players. We will see what happens in the next two or three weeks. It looks like Leicester have bought a player from Nice with similar qualities to Kanté, so whether they envisage to lose him or not I don’t know."

Wenger's statement seems to be clear: Arsenal will try to enroll Kanté. No matter the cost.

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