Juventus: Legend Francesco Totti clashes Gonzalo Higuain

Maxime H. - mercredi 27 juillet 2016 71 Likes

It's official, Gonzalo Higuain left Napoli after a very successful season. That's all it took for Francesco Totti to clash him...

As we were explaining yesterday Pipita Higuain has decided to join Juve, who paid a crazy amount to recruit him which annoyed the Neapolitans, who have even burned the jerseys with the name of the new recruit. In addition to the anger of the fans, the Franco-Argentinian also annoyed the legendary player Francesco Totti. The legend of AS Roma commented on this situation by starting to talk about what soccer is becoming nowadays:

"Modern players are a bit like nomads. They are following the money, not their heart. Not many athletes follow their heart. They decide to move elsewhere to win trophies and to earn more money. Football has changed a lot, it is all about money now. Players change teams all the time, to make a bit more money elsewhere. It’s more about money than about passion. People go to the stadiums to enjoy themselves and to see players in action who will always be with their team. They do not expect to be betrayed." Totti told La Gazzetta dello Sport during an interview.

Then, the player went on with the case of Higuain: "Just look at what happened with Higuain, leaving Napoli for Juventus. It’s a disaster. But it is apparently quite normal for a foreign player these days to just leave for another team where they can make more money. It’s a mentality problem. Not all foreigners are like Diego Maradona."

All players are not like you, Francesco. Crazy in love with your club and faithful until the end. Anyway, enjoy this video :

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