Manchester United transfer news: Paul Pogba's cryptic instagram update

Maxime H. - mardi 26 juillet 2016 54 Likes

Paul Pogba's (possible) transfer to Manchester United is definitely one of the most mysterious transfers this summer. Recently the French player attempted to convey a subliminal message with a photo posted on his official Instagram account.

He might not be the king of spelling, but he definitely isthe king mystery. Well after all he has a very good example in his agent, Mino Raiola. For about a week now, the two have been having fun playing hide and seek with the media; sometimes making us think that the transfer to Manchester is fake and other times confirming it.

Monday night, the two men - through the official Instagram account of Paul Pogba - have posted a picture of them in a refreshing pool, under Miami's blazing sun. Up to here nothing really alarming. But hen, to decorate this beautiful shot of two men laughing, the player added this caption : "We say it all by saying nothing at all''

By making reference to "Bellucci", a song of his friend Booba, the player's situation becomes even more blurred than it has ever been. Probably just trying to confuse the media, this Instagram post can also be perceived as a provocation to the entire system of the transfer window that exchanges players for big amounts of money.

If Paul Pogba is a real technician on the pitch, his agent is an outstanding technician in communication. He has already succeeded in making the sporting media in France false whistleblowers (refer to: his tweet after the l'Equipe's announcement sending Pogba to Manchester), Raiola might be using a strategy to raise the price of Pogba's transfer. One thing is certain: this message was not posted by accident.

When we look a little closer at the lyrics of Booba's "Bellucci", we realize that even more subliminal message may be hidden in this Instagram post. Some will say that we are exagerating. However, the coincidence is striking. The message is from the following excerpt: "What a crappy brand Matuidi wears, where we're from we say it all by saying nothing at all, always on live from the Mothership, I had Alzheimer when they questioned me.."

(Instagram caption: visit from Mister Kopp)

British media revealed in recent hours that the leaders of Manchester United were targeting Matuidi in case there's a failure in Pogba's transfer. Blaise Matuidi is currently rumored to have some problems with Parisian agent Mino Raiola which explains the part where the rapper talks about a "crappy brand." Perhaps Pogba is aware of everything. Let's question him before he has Alzheimer.

You see, by saying nothing at all, Pogba and Raiola managed to say everything.

Well, since the two men in Miami are playing mysterious, let's play the game too! Discover the true face of Ligue 1, OhMyGoal style:

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