Manchester United warned of 'arguments and fights' if Zlatan isn’t top dog

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Ibrahimovic could cause fights at Manchester United says former Sweden international.

Pontus Kamark knows Zlatan Ibrahimovic, well having been a Sweden international when the striker broke into their national team.

The former Leicester defender is now a respected pundit on Swedish TV channel Viasat. He has warned Manchester United key figures Jose Mourinho and Wayne Rooney what to expect from the Zlatan Ibrahimovic's ego at Old Trafford next season.

"You can have both sides with Zlatan," he told The Mirror. He takes a lot of space and there can be a lot of trouble around him but he can also make things happen that would be difficult without him.”

Kamark also added: “He has been in all kinds of arguments. He called even Pep Guardiola 'The Philosopher' because Messi felt threatened about his superiority and Zlatan doesn’t want to be No.2.

“If someone comes in his way, he fights them. He can kick you down in training. He does whatever it takes to be on the throne. That can be for good and for bad — especially if someone doesn’t accept that.

“He always finds something because he can never be second best - Zlatan has to be No.1.”

Kamark then said: “Rooney can be more in the midfield and Zlatan the target player.

“He is very good with getting possession and playing the balls to the people who come running.

“I think that is his best asset with his technique and creating space and passing, that is the player that Barcelona bought. They bought him to keep the ball and to play in the others.

“Of course he can score himself but if that works out well it can be a really good match for Man United because they have a lot of players with really good speed around him.”

He finished: “I think he is a good player for Manchester United and see him almost like an Eric Cantona.

“Man United have lost in recent years a little bit of their profile and slipped from being a winning team.

“When David Moyes came he even said in the derby against Man City, ‘We are not the favourites’. You don’t say that as a Man United player and Zlatan would never say that either.

“I think in that aspect he is a winner and he might help the team in the future.

"He is not young but if they can get the best out of Zlatan for a season or one-and-a-half seasons I think that could be very beneficial for Man United.”

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