Mesut Ozil's heartwarming message thanking France

Maxime H. - vendredi 08 juillet 2016 195 Likes

After the Mannschaft's elimination against France in Euro semi-finals, Mesut Özil wanted to send a message to the French people. A very elegant message indeed.

2014 world's soccer champion will not be winning this year the European Championship of Nations. You can blame the French team specially Antoine Griezmann, who scored twice last night. As a good loser, Mesut Ozil talked about the game and France's journey in this championship in a particularly touching tweet posted today.

"The disappointment of the bitter defeat is still the same as yesterday. It was just not meant to be and luck was not really on our side. Nevertheless, congratulations to France for being a great host. The team and especially the people well deserved it after all the discussions and the safety precautions throughout the country since November 2015. Goodbye and thank you France!"

Author of great performances in the Euro, Arsenal's game leader proved that he still is one of the world's best players. He also reminded everyone that he had a great soul and a big heart. Respect Mr. Özil.


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