New attacking techniques on Fifa 17!

Maxime H. - mercredi 13 juillet 2016 129 Likes

This year, FIFA 17 is going to be lit. EA Sports presented, in a video, their new technology allowing to mark and attack.

Scheduled for September 29th, FIFA 17 does not stop surprising us week after week. After presenting their new narrative story mode, inspired by NBA 2K, EA Sports continues to make us go crazy with multiple videos.

We can definitely say that the 2017 version looks promising and revolutionary. Besides the arrival of the famous narrative story mode, FIFA will adopt this year Frostbite's game engine, especially used on Battlefield permits. This will give us (finally) exeptional graphics up to our expectations. But that won't be all, there are also other changes in sight in the gameplay side.

In addition to brand new features on set pieces, it's the way you attack that will completely change on this new version as well. FIFA will integrate additional kicks, starting with strong shots from the ground or with the head. Goalkeeper passes will also be improved since they will faster and will facilitate your counter-attacks. Giving you the opportunity to make precise passes Mesut Özil style.

And it is our national Anthony Martial that will be presenting to you the whole video:

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