Neymar: 'I am not a criminal'

Maxime H. - mardi 05 juillet 2016 232 Likes

Preparing to stand trial on fraud charges, the Brazil star declared he is ’not a criminal’. Neymar has maintained his innocence of any wrongdoing in his 2013 transfer to Barcelona.

Neymar and his father are accused of embellishing the true figure of his 57 million euro switch to FC Barcelona as part of an alleged scam involving investors DIS, who own 40 per cent of Neymar’s rights. "I am not a criminal and neither is my father," reacted Barcelona’s left winger.

"I trust my father completely, he deals with everything in my career outside of sport. I am lucky to have him on my side to stay calm," Neymar told Isto E to protest his innocence. He then assured hid current off-field legal issues have no impact on his career. Last June, Barcelona agreed to pay a fine of $6.13m in order to close legal proceedings in Spain, but the case in Brazil remains open.

"Unfortunately, some people are always trying to create controversy. I do not know whether they do not have the right information or if they have bad intentions. But it doesn't matter." We hope everything will be fine for Neymar so that he can focus on the pitch.

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