Neymar's amazing Rio Olympics ad campaign

Maxime H. - lundi 18 juillet 2016 230 Likes

The star of the Brazilian team, Neymar, appears in a sensational ad for the next Olympic Games.

A few weeks before the beggining of Rio Olympic Games, next August, the sponsors are doing whatever they can to increase the hype around the event. One of these sponsors is none other than the hygiene brand, specializing in razors, Gillette. In the context of the Olympics, the american firm realized a simply breathtaking ad campaign.

For this short film Gillette contacted the Brazilian top player Neymar, and other international athletes like Chinese swimmer Zetao Ning, the winner of the decathlon of 2012 Olympics, the American Ashton Eaton and the British cyclist Andy Tennant. A great mix of athletes for an advertising campaign that make us all wish the Olympic Games would start already!

Meanwhile, Neymar is keeping himself busy by blowing up a flying drone...

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