Nike's powerful new ad

Maxime H. - mardi 26 juillet 2016 87 Likes

In their new ad, Nike delivers a beautiful message by promoting people who surpass themselves to reach your dreams.

"Unlimited Future", the ad of the international brand is definitely a success. Led by Bobby Cannavale, it highlights courage and tenacity, which are the secrets of the biggest successes. In front of a dozen babies, the American actor launches into a brilliant pep talk, obviously inspired by Pascal Dupraz (or not).

We can see later that these babies are actually future champions: Neymar Jr, Serena Williams or LeBron James were listening to the advices given. A few days before the Rio Olympic Games, this ad is also a great opportunity for Nike to highlight their contracted athletes who will participate in the event like Neymar, star player of the Selecao.


In France, another speech was equally powerful: the one of Pascal Dupraz. Discover it with this video below by OhMyGoal:

'' Open your eyes, open your ears. To succeed you must be motivated by other things that your human qualities, you must feel what you're doing with your soul. I'll tell you something a few other coaches tell their players, I don't really care what other coaches say anyway. What you guys accomplish is just spectacular and I love you. Do you understand? I love you! and what's even better is that I realized that I was not the only one to love you guys. It's amazing, because can see everywhere people who really love you, people who are waiting tonight to see you, they are waiting and that's beautiful. This is the life you're living...''

Find the best (and the worst) of the Ligue 1 in OhMyGoal.

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