Maxime H. - mardi 21 juin 2016 0 Like

A really awesome trailer of Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 was revealed at E3. Come and see for youself.

As we announced a few weeks ago, PES 2017 is going to be huge ! Konami's conference - the game's publisher- at the E3 (the world's largest video game convention) clearly proves it. Through a trailer broadcasted to the lucky spectators of the convention, PES 2017 and its incredibly realistic features were revealed.

One of the axes on which the Konami publishers focused on was the performance of the guards. Since the goalkeepers were way too fragile on the 2016 version of the game, the new PES will offer stronger and tougher ones. As you can see in this video neither Antoine Griezman nor Olivier Giroud scored. It isn't really surprising, is it ?

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