Pogba in Manchester Utd? Mourinho's wife shares pic of his tactics board

Maxime H. - mardi 19 juillet 2016 55 Likes

Jose Mourinho’s wife has just posted on her Twitter profile a picture of her husband proving he is already planning for lige with Paul Pogba.

We all know Mourinho is a genius when it comes to recruiting key players and managing a team. He always does his best to attract top players in order to build an unstoppable army. His strategies always surprise us and make us admire him even more.

The latest one is definitely the blurry picture his wife shared on her Twitter account. In this blurry picture, we can see some names written and something tells us these are midfielder names Mourinho is targeting.

Some names such as Depay, Martial or even blind do not surprise us at all. What really caught our attention is what seems to be a ‘’Pogba’’ written somewhere between those names in the tactics board.

So is it our imagination or did we really see the name of the Frenchie ? Guess we’ll have to wait to find out…

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