Real Madrid to sign a top French player very soon!

Maxime H. - jeudi 28 juillet 2016 161 Likes

According to The Telegraph, Real Madrid will hire a French player in the next 72 hours.

While the whole soccer world is concentrated on the transfer of Paul Pogba to Manchester United, another bomb may explode on the transfer market in the upcoming hours. A bomb that will particularly interest the French team's fans.

According to The Telegraph, Real Madrid is ready to complete the transfer of Moussa Sissoko. This transfer has been a rumor for a few weeks and is now about to become reality in the next three days, according to the British daily. Real Madrid have made an offer of $39 million to Newcastle to recruit the talented midfielder. An offer, the Magpies will have trouble refusing certainly.

The only thing delaying the transfer is probably the case of Paul Pogba. Zinedine Zidane was waiting for the formalization of Pogba's transfer to Manchester United before falling back on Moussa Sissoko's profile. Once Pogba signs with United, the offer of Real will officially land on top of the desks of Newcastle's leaders, who will accept it immediately and the transfer will be complete. Because, Moussa Sissoko does not intend on rejecting the proposal from the Casa Blanca obviously.

Btw Toulouse's former player will achieve the opposite of coach Rafael Benitez, who went from Real Madrid to Newcastle.

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Sissoko transfer to Real Madrid
Worthy of Barca

The end of the world is near....)

Moussa Sissoko has certainly earned his place at Real due to his Euro 2016 performances, especially during the game against Germany:

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