Real Madrid transfer news: new twist in Morata's case!

Maxime H. - jeudi 04 août 2016 79 Likes

The case of Alvaro Morata has experienced a new dramatic turn of events according to El Condifencial.

Real Madrid bought him back from Juventus for $35 million euros with the intentions of giving him another chance. But now, according to El Confidencial, the Spanish player might have changed his mind about his future because all that is awaiting the young 23 year old player in Real is long hours on the bench.

"I do not want to rot on the bench" he told his entourage, aware that his status for next season is not the best. He didn't use to be very valuable until very recently, more specifically after the transfer of Gonzalo Higuain to Juventus for $104 million. So, Real set their starting price at $75 million euros which is too expensive for the clubs that are interested in him, mainly English clubs.

According to the Spanish media Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea also are interested in the playere. If the Blues' number one priority is the Belgian Romelu Lukaku, United are willing to spend ''no more than'' $60 million. So, the club that has the most chances to recruit the striker is Arsenal. Arsene Wenger is fond of the player and could break his piggy bank to attract him and offer him the position of his choice. However, Alexandre Lacazette's file also seems to be less expensive for the Londoners...

Even during Euro 2016, with Spain, Morata was a little lost and confused his opponents with the referees ...

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