Real want to buy two top players for $172 million!

Maxime H. - vendredi 01 juillet 2016 559 Likes

Recruiting season has officially begun. Real can therefore start hunting.

As usual, Real Madrid will make the most out of the transfer window to strengthen their club. No room for the small unpopular players, Real is all about recruiting the big soccer stars. That's why Florentino Perez is willing to do whatever it takes to recruit two top European players.

According to As Real has already proposed $72 million to Bayern for their first target David Alaba. The super talented Bayern Munich's player could bring a great contibution to the club as the Austrian is known to be versatile: he can be on the sides, he can be a central defender, but also a midfielder!

The second player is none other than Eden Hazard. Zizou's little favorite Belgian could be bought for the amount of $99 million according to the Daily Mirror. In case the Blues refuse, Real has already planned to add their striker Alvaro Morata on the deal. Food for thought for Chelsea.

The winners of the last Champions League, Real Madrid, intend to do whatever it takes to continue dominating European soccer again and again by spending $172 million for two players. Big money is about to spent this summer!

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