The biggest failures in Barca's history!

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Considered as the greatest club of all time by many spotters, Barca never to entertain us soccer fans. However, the club of Catalonia has also been through tremendous failures. Here are the top 10!

  1. Keirrison

This is what we call throwing money down the drain. In 2009, FC Barcelona thought they had found a treasure when they offered themselves Keirrison, a Brazilian pearl supposedly, for $17 million. The striker, however, will not measure up to the teams expectations during the trainings and will never play a single game under Barca’s jersey. He ended up been loaned to Benfica and Fiorentina where he won’t be very useful either...


  1. Dmytro Chygrynskiy

Impressive defender of Shakhtar Donetsk, brilliant player during the Champions League, Dmytro Chygrynskiy arrived at Barca in 2009 at the request of Pep Guardiola. The club will spend $28 million to be in possession of the Ukrainian defender! In 14 matches, Chygrynskiy did not convince anybody and was forced to return to Shakhtar a year after his arrival in Barcelona...


  1. Philippe Christanval

Purchased at $19 million by Barca from AS Monaco in 2001, Philippe Christianval was a great hope for the club. In his first season, the French managed to have reasonable results but the arrival of Frank Rijkaard on the bench the following year will be deadly for him. Christianval is today considered as one of the biggest flops in the transfer market history of FC Barcelona.


  1. Henrique

In 2008, another Brazilian catastrophe landed in Camp Nou for $9 million. For the German defender Henrique, the results were similar to Keirrison’s. Two loans and not a single official game played with Barca: epic fail.


  1. Juan Roman Riquelme

Argentinean Juan Roman Riquelme had managed to get the attention of the great Barça, who recruited him in 2002. Despite his undeniable talent, Louis Van Gaal rarely proved to be of any use. He finally was loaned to Villarreal a year later, what a disappointment for what could have turned out to be the beginning of a great career.


  1. Ricardo Quaresma

Ricardo Quaresma is clearly no player to take examples from. Extremely talented on the Sporting side, the Portuguese quickly joined FC Barcelona. We guess it was too much for him to deal with since he only stayed for one season. A complete waste.


  1. Christophe Dugarry

In 1997, Christophe Dugarry was about to sign with OM but finally joined Barcelona. The Milanese thought he was going to grow with Barca but will finally be living a nightmare under the commands of Louis Van Gaal, who made him play as ... defensive midfielder! Christophe Dugarry stayed for only 6 months in Catalonia and finally joined the OM the following January.


  1. Alexander Hleb

Bought by Barca for about $17 million, Alexander Hleb did not live up to the expectation of Barcelonan club. The midfielder was not of great use to Pep Guardiola. Well, we must admit that the competition was kind of rough with players like Xavi and Andres Iniesta...

24 Jul 2008, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom --- Alexander Hleb of FC Barcelona --- Image by © Matthew Ashton/AMA/Corbis

  1. Ibrahim Afellay

He came to Barcelona in 2010 right from Eindoven, Ibrahim Afellay was full of promises. However, soon enough, the prodigy found a official post... on the bench. Obviously, his knee injury was not very helpful... A big disappointment.


  1. Gerard Lopez

In 2000, Gerard, outstanding Spanish midfielder was the interest of all the biggest clubs in the world. Barca was able to afford the Valencia player for $27 million. An incredible amount at that time, especially when we know that Gerard was never able to impose his talents. After 5 years at the club, the Spaniard rejoined Monaco without any transfer fee...


Furthermore, we could also talk about Zlatan Ibrahimovic, whose transfer was very expensive for Barca but given the fact that his stats are actually quite good, it is unfair to talk about a failure. Emmanuel Petit, Eidur Gudjohnsen and Giovani Dos Santos we did not forget about you!

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