When Martial makes fun of Januzaj

OMG Staff - Wednesday 18 May 2016 1.4k Likes

Yesterday, Adnan Januzaj went through craziness with Louis Van Gaal. That was enough for Anthony Martial to mock his teammate...

Thanks to Juan Mata, Manchester United managed to defeat Norwich (0-1) yesterday, as part for the 37th day of the Premier League. But if the Red Devils had a smile by the end of the game, Adnan Januzaj did not have anything to smile about...

Louis Van Gaal had called twice the 21 year old to get in the game after a long warm-up but did not hesitate to send him back to the bench twice which made his teammate Anthony Martial laugh and make fun of him right at his face.

No worries, the Red Devil are fair players. He also kept the smile, at least on the bench. Oh, they really have humor these Belgians...


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