The touching farewell letter of Dani Alves to Barcelona

OMG Staff - vendredi 03 juin 2016 1.4k Likes

As we announced a few days ago, Dani Alves is leaving Barca. The right side, faithful to his team since 2008,  has written a touching letter of farewell to his club.

The club officially announced that Dani Alves was leaving FC Barcelona after 8 years. 8 years after winning everything with this club. The fantastic player, was really sentimental and decided to deliver a farewell message to Barça fans on his Instagram account:

"In a month it will be eight years since I came to Barcelona. In July 2008, I came for the first time in the club and in the dressing room in which I experienced the most important moments of my career. From the first day, under the command of Pep Guardiola, to the last season, I had the chance to enjoy football with passion. I have dozens, hundreds of images stuck in my mind: moments of sharing with you the Camp Nou, on the lawns of the biggest stadiums in the world, in the streets of Barcelona ... many celebrations of goals and cups.

I am privileged, life allowed me to wear the shirt of the best club in the world, during an extraordinary decade for this club. I could cite one by one all the extraordinary people I have enjoyed the challenges and overcome difficulties with. But in the Barca locker rooms, there is no place for individuality. We won together, we lost together.

(...) I just want you to know that I made the decision to seek a new challenge in my career. (...) I am leaving, but I will be back, because I am a true catalan. Thank you for making me feel so valued. "



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