VERY UNUSUAL: Sneijder applies the advice of a fan during a game and thanks him!

OMG Staff - jeudi 19 mai 2016 1.6k Likes

The public of Galatasaray really plays a key role and are the the twelfth player. Wesley Sneijder actually listened to the advice of one of his fans, before thanking him during a game!

Who never advised a player of his team in the middle of a game? The idea of ??becoming a coach at least for one game is something we all dream of and sometimes we even use the controller to manipulate our favorite players.

During the game between Galatasaray and Sivasspor, a fan had the honor of living that dream. Close to the corner arc, the Dutch Wesley Sneijder was seeking a solution. Unable to find one, the number 10 was saved by... the words of a fan! One of them advised him to play with Selkuc Inan who was free at that time.

Like a good soldier, Wesley Sneijder executed and did not forget to thank the fan with a hand sign. An action that the public of Galatasaray really appreciated !

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