WATCH: Argentina's goalkeeper makes huge mistake against Portugal

Maxime H. - vendredi 05 août 2016 63 Likes

Yesterday, Portugal and Argentina were playing against each other for the first game of the Rio Olympic Games. Unfortunately, Argentina's goalkeeper made a huge mistake which made it even easier for the Portuguese to win the game.

Here we go, Brazil and South Africa have given the start of the soccer tournament at the Olympics. If the Brazilian Selecao was not able to score against the brave South Africans, this was not the case of the Portuguese Seleção, who won against Argentina (2-0).


Gerónimo Rulli, who had been doing pretty good throughout the game, committed an enormous mistake and offered to Portugal their second goal by the end. The Portuguese were pretty happy about it and the game ended on a high note for the country that is currently the European champion. With Pité's kick, Real Sociedad's goalkeeper made a rookie mistake and definitely paid for it. Portugal didn't complain at all...

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