WATCH: Fabulous first rendition of 'Bubbles' at The Olympic Stadium

Maxime H. - vendredi 05 août 2016 43 Likes

''Bubbles" is the legendary song that West Ham fans sing before every game. During their first game in their new stadium (the Olympic stadium in London), the Hammers were heartwarmingly welcomed by the fans with this song. See for yourself.

It was during their third qualifying round in Europe League that West Ham players met for the first time their new stadium. Against Domzale, the Hammers easily won the game (3-0) and are therefore qualified for the next round.

But beyond the results, the highlight of the night was undoubtedly the ''Bubbles'' song that the fans sang from their lungs. An incredible moment of strength that will definitely give you chills.


This song has had huge success thanks to the ''Green Street Hooligans'' movie in which a single American journalist (Elijah Wood) becomes a West Ham fanatic hooligan. It is considered as more than a movie, ''Green Street Hooligans" has even become a reference and a must see for many soccer fans.


Just another reason why we love soccer.

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