Watch: FIFA Street successor's trailer

Maxime H. - mercredi 03 août 2016 31 Likes

Do you miss FIFA Street? Don't worry, a new street soccer game will be coming out soon.

Who did not enjoy humiliating his friends on FIFA Street? Today Metris Soccer came to replace the game. This new soccer game was developed by Metris Code independent studio and wants to succeed FIFA Street. The developer admits being inspired by EA : "Metris Soccer is an arcade game of street soccer, inspired by the first FIFA Street. Go out in the streets, play around anywhere in the world and try to become the best. Score amazing goals, perform epic technical gestures and tease your opponents with style."

However, do not expect a game that will be as good as FIFA Street, since this game had a small budget and was carried out by a small team of enthusiasts. The story behind the creation of the game is told on the official website of the studio: "This idea came from the desire to play some sports arcade games from our youth. We were dissatisfied with the ultra realistic sport games and the lack of choice in the market, so we decided to take things in hand, and started working on Metris Soccer in 2015."

"Since then, with the help of the Reddit community over the last few months we have worked hard to make street soccer come back. Our small team of three, with the help of some entrepreneurs, want to release Metris Soccer on August 24th on Steam and the console versions later on."

Meanwhile, you can discover the game's trailer here:

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