WATCH: Liverpool fans pay heartfelt tribute to legend Luis Suarez

Maxime H. - lundi 08 août 2016 440 Likes

It was the first time Luis Suarez played against his former club, Liverpool.

Apparently there is still love and respect between Liverpool fans and their former player Luis Suarez who left a huge void the day he joined Barcelona.

Despite a cruel defeat (4-0), the player from Uruguay probably appreciated the tribute Liverpool fans gave him at Wembley. He received an incredible standing ovation from the crowd of 89,845 fans right when his coach had released him at the 75th minute.

A nice tribute to the player that marked the history of this club by scoring no less than 82 goals in 133 games.

OhMyGoal treats you to 5 goals from Suarez during his time with the Reds, Enjoy:

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