WATCH: Manchester City star in a video that glamorizes drugs

Maxime H. - Monday 08 August 2016 22 Likes

Here's what happens when a friend drops videos of your holidays...

Right when Inter Milan began to try to recruit the Mancunian, this video pops up. It could perhaps even make the Italian leaders change their minds. Not long ago Ahmed Yahiaoui, former OM player in 2005, posted interesting videos on his Instagram account...

This video is definitely scandalous with the incredible amount of alcohol and drugs. It doesn't matter if it's a villa, a private jet or nightclub in Las Vegas, the party is crazier than ever. There's a small problem though: in most of these pictures you can see Samir Nasri. He probably thought that they would remain private. The former Marseille player would have definitely preferred keeping these pictures from social media...

Here are the pictures of Samir Nasri's amazing holidays :

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