Manchester United: Why Barcelona dropped out of the Pogba race

Maxime H. - Thursday 21 July 2016 194 Likes

Barcelona was very active on Pogba's file but finally decided to give up.

This summer's drama show is finally over. Paul Pogba will evolve in Manchester United next season even if Barcelona has tried everything to recruit the French midfielder. But one particular reason made the Catalan give up: money.

Barça's sports director, Ariedo Braida, stated: "It is clear that when more than $111 millions are talked about it becomes very serious and everything needs to be thought through." And apparently after thinking it through, the Blaugrana decided to let Manchester sign Paul Pogba and make him the most expensive player in the history of soccer.

If Paul Pogba was first noticed thanks to Juventus, he aslo had done wonders as a youngster:

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