''Will Grigg's On Fire'' remixed in an awesome video !

Maxime H. - mercredi 22 juin 2016 23 Likes

"Will Grigg's on fire" is definitely the anthem of the 2016 Euro Cup. It is playing all over Europe and has recently been remixed by a French duo. The result is simply awesome.

Imagine the incredible story of Will Grigg, Northern Irelandi's player who was completely unknown just ten days ago. The player who evolved with Wigan in the English third division last season is not famous for his extraordinary talent but for a song that praises him and that has been playing again and again in the head of all soccer fans.

And among those fans, the French Badi and Julien Kimmel, two young artists that are passionate about hip-hop and R & B felt like this melody would be remembered. Motivated and Inspired, Badi and Julien Kimmel decided to remix "Will Grigg's on fire" under the authority of their label "co-errance." More than just a fan son, "Will Grigg's on fire" has become a true hit.

Thank you very much Badi and Julien Kimmel - two faithful OhMyGoal readers - for their creativity. No doubt that many fans of Euro 2016 will turn up to this song.

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