Zlatan Ibrahimovic clashes PSG and Barcelona

Maxime H. - lundi 08 août 2016 283 Likes

During the game opposing Manchester United to Leicester, Ibrahimovic showed his talent once again. In addition to his goal, he sent a challenge to his former clubs at the end of the meeting.

"This club is probably the biggest club I've ever played with. If there's one that is probably comparable to Man U, it is AC Milan". These words by Zlatan Ibrahimovic will likely annoy some fans. If Paris Saint-Germain fans can easily understand the statements of the Swedish giant, since their club is still young, the Barcelona ones may feel a little hurt. Well after all the achievements of the Blaugrana are far more impressive than that of Manchester United on the European stage. Inter Milan and Juventus fans might also feel kind of hurt by this statement...

He scored Manchester United's second goal yesterday at the Community Shied before speaking about about his ambitions with the Reds. "I am very honored and proud to be here. I feel very good, the team and my teammates are fantastic, the state of mind is incredible, there are great professionals and a coach that wants to win and is willing to do everything it takes to. We won a trophy for our first official game. It's my 31st trophy. I'm very happy. This is why I came to Man U and I hope to win many more" he said.

Here is the first goal Ibrahimovic scored with Manchester United during an official game:

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