Fanatic Messi supporter swims out to yacht to greet Argentina star

Maxime H. - mardi 19 juillet 2016 240 Likes

Currently on vacation in sunny Ibiza, Leo Messi is apparently a new Pokémon. And maybe the rarest one.

Trying to forget his ultimately disappointing Copa América Centenario on his luxury yacht -- Messi pays it $8600 a day -- in the sea close to Ibiza, Lionel Messi can’t however enjoy a perfect tranquility.

Being one of the world’s most famous soccer players means people can recognize you everywhere. Even in the right middle of the sea.

One of the most obsessed fan Messi could have ever imagined has found him on his yacht by swimming out in the Balearic sea to meet him.

This fanatic supporter could also look for another very rare Pokémon. Other most famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is also holidaying in Ibiza. Prepare your Poké Balls.

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