Signs you’re a diehard soccer fan in a relationship...

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Signs you’re a diehard soccer fan in a relationship...

If life is sometimes about making choices - potatoes or fries, Coke or Pepsi, all-nighter or sleep all night- it is also about mastering the art of balancing.

Especially when it comes to choices between your two loves: your soul mate and soccer. Anyway, you know you're soccer fan and in a relationship when...

... You were disgusted to learn that Valentine’s Day was the same day as the Premier League on Sunday.


... You have already offered your partner a place for a game to "break the routine and do something new as a couple."

... You did not predict that in exchange, you would have to go to a contemporary art museum on a Saturday morning.

... You are very emotional when your partner agrees to watch a game with you.


... But then you quickly regret it because of all the questions. "Why are they called the Blues (French team) when their jerseys are white? Why is it called a penalty area? Why is Arsene Wenger always saying yes? "

... You make completely crazy deals. "Ok we will watch Top Chef on Monday, but on Tuesday and Wednesday we’re watching the Champions League.”

... You understand that he/she is only excited about the pizza part in your ‘’pizza and soccer evenings’’. Duh! Everybody loves pizza


... You bought a digital tablet so you could watch your games and Desperate Housewives at the same time. Yes, being a soccer fan in a relationship can be expensive.

... Have you ever tried to convince them of the importance of the game on Sunday at 2 p.m. in order to escape a meal with your in mother in law? "Babe I swear if we win we gain two points for the eighth place and that is very important on a twelfth day."

... You know it’s suspicious when they say "No, its fine you can go watch your game."


... He/she does not understand how you can play a few games of FIFA right after watching a soccer game.

... You have already managed to plan a full soccer-only week without any remarks or complains: the game of your team on Sunday evening, the Champions League on Tuesday and Wednesday, the European League on Thursday and your team on Saturday. Damn, well done!

... You'd like to put a ring on it but you know it will be complicated.


... There some sentences you hear a lot like "But why are you this mad? It's just soccer!’’ the same reason why she gets all excited over Project Runway when it’s just clothes!

… Finally, you can’t deny you’ve already thought about breaking up. Seriously.

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