10 biggest transfers in soccer history

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If this years transfer window is not as active as we were expecting, there is no doubt that some clubs might soon change this situation. While we're waiting for that to happen, let's take a look at the 10 biggest transfers in the history of soccer, including two little Frenchies..


Inter Milan (ITA) > Barcelona (ESP): $77,4 million ($49,8 million + Samuel Eto'o)

To recruit Zlatan Ibrahimovic in your club, you definitely have to stand out. In 2009, Barcelona had proposed no less than $49,8 million + Samuel Eto'o to be able to sign the top player. An exchange that puts Zlatan at the top of the 10 most expensive players but this could quickly change based on how the 2016 transfer window is going.


Wolfsburg (GER) > Manchester City (ANG): $81,8 million

The young Belgian player, Kevin De Bruyne was sold for $81,9 million in the summer of 2015. After several weeks of negotiations with Manchester City both parties had finally agreed on that crazy amount of money. After his tme in Chelsea in 2011, the midfielder went back to the Premier League with a transfer check to die for.


Real Madrid (SP) > Manchester United (ENG): $83 million

Before PSG, Angel Di Maria had been transferred in 2014 from Real Madrid to Manchester United in exchange of $83 million. With this amount, the player from Argentine became the most expensive player in the Premier League. But after his first season and his numerous failures, Di Maria was sold to Paris for $69,7 million...


Juventus (ITA) > Real Madrid (SP): $83 million

Florentino Pérez's desire to build a "galactic" team made him go crazy and spend $80 million to sign Turin's star, Zinedine Zidane. With this transfer in 2001, the 1998 Ballon d'Or was considered as the most expensive player for a very long time before Cristiano Ronado came and took over.


Monaco (FRA) > Manchester United (ENG): $88,5 million

In 2015, Manchester United surprised everyone by spending $88,5 million for a young tricolored striker. Although this ridiculous amount of money includes some bonuses, Anthony Martial can be considered as one of the most expensive French players in history. A little extra pressure for the Massy native.


Monaco (FRA) > Real Madrid (SP): $88,5 million

After just one season with Monaco, James Rodriguez is sold to Real Madrid for $88,5 million in 2014. After winning the title of best passer in monaco (12 assists), the Colombian quickly left Premier League and holds the recrod for the biggest sale for a Premier League club.


Liverpool (ENG) > Barcelona (SP): $89,6 million

In 2014, FC Barcelona completed their attacking team with a Luis Suarez. To obtain their third major attacking element of the unstoppable team AKA the famous "MSN", Barca had paid no less than $89,6 million to Liverpool.


Santos (BRE) > Barcelona (SP): $95 million

After 136 goals in 225 games with Santos in Brazil, the young Brazilian player Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, more commonly known as Neymar, flew to Barcelona during 2013 summer transfer window. The Catalan leaders broke their piggy bank and offered $95,1 million for the rising star that now frightens Liga defenses.


Manchester United (ENG)> Real Madrid (SP): $103,9 million

After 6 seasons with Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo is transferred to Real Madrid in 2009 for $103,9 million. After two years of rumors, the Portuguese finally arrived in Spain with a Ballon d'Or (2008). The star was the most expensive player at that time and attracted no less than 90,000 fans during his presentation at the Santiago Bernabéu!


Tottenham (ENG) > Real Madrid (SP): $110,63 million

Transferred from Tottenham to Real Madrid in 2013, the Welsh striker is considered as the most expensive player in the history of soccer. Real Madrid wanted to avoid offending Cristiano Ronaldo and his status of "most expensive player" so they said that the transfer costed $100,6 million. But obviously Football Leaks, the website specialized in publishing contracts, revealed the exact amount of the transfer, which was $110,6 million.

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