Wenger's 10 contracts at Arsenal that were failures

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10 contracts of Wenger at Arsenal that were failures

Having set foot in Arsenal in 1996, Wenger has done wonders with the Gunners. Considered one of the best managers in the world, the French has however also made some bad decisions while recruiting. Here are 10!

  1. Nicklas Bendtner

In the UK, Nicklas Bendtner is a prime target of trolling and mockery of all kinds. We must say that the Dane is a real goofball. But hey, if he had not stayed in Copenhagen, we would not have laughed as much. You can thank Arsene Wenger for that at least!


  1. Park Chu-young

Straight from Monaco to Arsenal for $6.8 million surprisingly, Park Chu-young (and his Einstein Q.I) will never be able to integrate the Premier League. The transfer had the merit of being a nice marketing stunt. But it stops there.


  1. Marouane Chamakh

Arsene Wenger has always had a thing for Premier League players. At some point in 2010, during an overwhelming season with Bordeaux, Marouane Chamakh joined Arsenal. But his time in London will not go quite as planned. The Moroccan will be far from becoming gunner...


  1. Andrei Arshavin

Scam of the century much? Anyway, not far from it. Andrei Arshavin impresses soccer fans with his wonderful skills in Zenith St Petersburg and Russia. Some even see him as a Golden Ball in the making after the 2008 Euro... Wenger signs him for nearly $14 million.  Although he scored four goals against Liverpool, Arshavin turns out to be an unmatched scammer at Arsenal. Amazing how life surprises us!


  1. Pascal Cygan

The first French failure is unquestionably Pascal Cygan. Bought from Lille in 2002, "the bald" seems overwhelmed by the Premier League. But the defender is part of the "Invincible" band that was champions of England in 2004. Life is REALLY full of surprises!


  1. Francis Jeffers

Everton’s young and talented striker and scorer, Francis Jeffers could have had a similar destiny to Wayne Rooney. After a thunderous early career, the Englishman attracts Wenger, fond of young pearls, who bought him from Arsenal in 2001 for nearly $11 million, an enormous amount of money back then. But Jeffers’ numerous injuries (quite typical of an Arsenal player) won’t let him impose himself. A big disappointment for Arsène Wenger.


  1. Sebastien Squillaci

Other than Pascal Cygan, Sebastien Squillaci also has worn the jersey of the Gunners from 2010 to 2013. Even with his defensive problems, Arsene Wenger decides to trust the former Monaco player, who was with Seville back then. A bad decision, as Squillaci is not Premier League material. $6 million gladly received by the FC Seville...


  1. Kaba Diawara

The meteoric rise of Kaba Diawara caught the attention of Arsene Wenger. Pretty good during the French championship, with Bordeaux as well as with Rennes, Diawara joins London where Wenger seduced him... he never managed to fit in Arsenal as it was too much for his level.


  1. Jeremie Aliadiere

Arriving quite early in Arsenal, Jeremie Aliadiere was a great hope for the team. But next to his competition, Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp, ??the former player of Clairefontaine club had a hard time fitting in. His playing time was too poor and the media criticized him for having left France way too early. A true waste...


  1. André Santos

Fenerbahçe’s left defender in 2009; André Santos kept making good performances and ended up having the attention of Wenger. The French coach decides to recruit him for $8 million, a colossal amount of money for such an unpopular player. Finally, the Brazilian will also turn out be a beautiful scam because of his incapacity of defending properly (Well, he is a Brazilian side after all…)


Capable of recruiting real good pearls, Arsene Wenger has also managed to commit some errors from time to time. Ultimately, these failures marked the history of Arsenal with their mediocrity. What about you, can you think of other names?

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