10 good reasons to choose Barca on FIFA

OMG Staff - jeudi 02 juin 2016 376 Likes

On FIFA, the 4-star teams are cool, but the 5-star ones are the real deal. And nothing better than choosing Barca to enjoy a good game.

Happy owner of a house in Barcelona, ??Paul Pogba is also a big fan of FIFA. In fact his favorite team is FC Barcelona! However, if you're a fan of 4-star teams just because it is more fun, please, choose the Catalan club and set everything on fire!

Let us show you 10 good reasons to choose Barca on FIFA:

1. Because MSN never freezes.

messenger animated GIF

2. Playing at Camp Nou is too cool !

fc barcelona animated GIF

3. In the midfield you can count on Iniesta's magic

gandalf animated GIF

4. You will be able to score soloist goals with Master Messi

Gatorade Football animated GIF

5. The Piqué-Mascherano duo is stronger than it seems.

homer simpson animated GIF

6. Forget the traditional lofted passes, welcome back the tiki-taka!

vs animated GIF

7. Busquets is a strategy master.

the simpsons animated GIF

8. Playing a Clasico in every online game? Yes, Please !

real madrid animated GIF

9. Alba is an arrow in his left wing.

arrow animated GIF

10. Just to piss off your friends: Haters gonna hate.

disney animated GIF

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