10 signs that prove you spend your life playing Fifa

OMG Staff - mardi 24 mai 2016 1.9k Likes

(Photo: You hide your controller during penalties)

FIFA is more than a hobby, more than a video game, it's a religion. For some, playing the famous EA Sports game is simply a matter of life or death.

Here are 10 signs that prove you spend your life playing FIFA:

1. You scream to death at every goal.


2. You lean forward to focus better #SeriousModeOn


3. You throw you're controller whenever there's a scandal


(Photo: I was winning the whole game and he scored last minute)

4.You have already been aggressive towards your friend because of a game


5. You hide your controller during penalties


6. You test every corner strategy


7. You make your 3 changes every game

Fusion animated GIF

8. You switch your phone to airplane mode


9. You spend more time selecting players than actually playing (and you don't care)

Leicester City Football Club animated GIF

10. You spend a lot of money in the FUT mode

money animated GIF



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