10 things you did not know about Neymar!

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The Neymar phenomenon continues to expand its empire. Here are 10 things you probably did not know about the Brazilian!

  1. Neymar offered himself an $8 million yacht...

With a crazy salary and exorbitant publicity contracts, Neymar can afford to splurge. The biggest one is probably buying a sublime yacht for $8 millions. Three floors and 25 meters long should be enough for night parties...


  1. ... and came close to bankruptcy!

In November 2012, Forbes magazine revealed that Neymar was on the verge of bankruptcy! The Brazilian had just signed a new contract with Santos, bringing him close to $7 million per year. But at that time, Neymar lived above his means. $13,000 of monthly allowance to the mother of his child, triplex at $700,000, $130,000 apartment, $900,000 penthouse, a Porsche Panamera for $500,000, and his famous $8 million yacht. Neymar almost lost his mind.


  1. Neymar had imitated the hair cut of Ronaldo in 2002!

Neymar’s hairdressing budget is absolutely crazy. Today, many youngsters copy the look of the Brazilian with his extravagant Mohawks. But in his younger years, it is Neymar who was copying the style of one of his idols. "In 2002, I had the cut of Ronaldo, so I see no reason why the youth of today wouldn’t do the same, it is a fan thing," he said in the magazine So Foot in May 2013.


  1. A final tattoo rich in emotion

Big tattoo fan, Neymar recently got a new one. Directed by Michel Angel Bohigues, the tattoo reveals a child, with a ball under his arm, standing in front of a favela. The work entitled "Pursue your goals" indicates the boy’s dream of a big house and a football career. A tattoo that reminds Neymar of where he comes from during his games.


  1. Early Dad!

First pro contract at age 14, first selection at 18... First child at 19 years! "I cried when I heard I was going to become a father. First I was afraid, and then I felt happy. It is a new responsibility" he said after the birth of his little blond Lucca David da Silva in 2011. The future of Barca is guaranteed.


  1. Neymar and Real almost came together!

In 2005, Neymar become famous with his great talent and his incredible maturity. The Brazilian caught the eye of recruiters who called him to Real Madrid alongside Robinho. The young prodigy passed the tests in Valdebebas, Madrid's training center, and convinced the leaders of recruiting him. But Santos did not agree with it and opposed the transfer of his little treasure by pretending that there were contractual impossibilities. The transfer finally failed…


  1. OL has also tried his luck!

Besides Real Madrid, the Lyon Olympics also tried to get the prodigy Neymar, in 2009. With his clear dominance of French football and his finances, OL wanted to replace Neymar after the departure of Brazilian Juninho. Marcelo was the recruiter for Gones and aimed at Neymar. He convinced Bernard Lacombe to go to Brazil to supervise him. The striker’s skills attracted him but he also seemed to be muzzled by countless financial clauses in his contract. OL finally let him go...


  1. Rich as N €YMAR

It is finally in Barcelona that Neymar will land in 2013. To convince him, the Catalan leaders had broken their bank account, since the striker received a signing bonus of $41 million! Unofficially, FC Barcelona has spent in total over $100 millions to get Neymar... The Brazilian definitely has something to smile about.


  1. Neymar, a smoker... or not?

Neymar was caught smoking? Nope, it was actually his lookalike! With a cigarette in his mouth, the star’s lookalike created a real scandal in Brazil. The Medias worldwide got trapped and had to apologize afterwards... what a shame!


  1. "Neymarzetes" taking over!

You probably know the "Beliebers" and "Directioners", well know that there is also a name for members of the Neymar fan base! The "Neymarzetes" live for their pet and study all his actions. It is rumored that David Beckham is part of it. No, we’re just kidding!


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