10 things you didn’t know about Cristiano Ronaldo!

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10 things you didn’t know about Cristiano Ronaldo!

Best scorer in the history of Real Madrid and holder of multiple records, we believe that we know all about Cristiano Ronaldo, yet the man with 3000 abs per day has his little secrets.

Here are 10 things you may not be aware of:

  1. Cristiano was named "Ronaldo" in tribute to President Ronald Reagan

The triple Ballon d'Or holder is born as Cristiano Dos Santos Aveiro, but we know him today as Cristiano Ronaldo. The explanation is simple, CR7's dad was a big fan of former President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, and so he decided to give this name to his son, which became "Ronaldo" in Portuguese version. Should we call him Mister President?


  1. CR7 could have signed for Liverpool...

Before joining Manchester United in the summer of 2003, Cristiano Ronaldo could have signed for another red shirt, the one of Liverpool. A transfer that eventually did not take place because of the pay scale implementation with the Reds, as the former technician Gérard Houllier explained to the Daily Mail.

"I noticed him at the Festival of Toulon. So we went to see him, but we had a wage scale that prevented us from proposing the kind of salary he wanted. Then Manchester United played against Sporting and all the players told Sir Alex Ferguson that he had to sign him. I agreed not to challenge the wage system because it could have caused problems in the dressing room. I realized that some recruits were not as performant as we were expecting them to be. Maybe we would have won the title with Ronaldo, but we had Harry Kewell who was also performing well at that time. "


2. ... And Arsenal.

Liverpool was not the only club fighting to sign Cristiano Ronaldo, who was playing with Sporting Lisbon back then. Arsenal almost signed him in 2003, but this time, the problem was not financial, it was United that managed to seduce the Portuguese. A failure that the Gunners manager was explaining to ITV4.

"He (Ronaldo) was very close to coming here. He had an Arsenal jersey with Ronaldo with the number nine on the back. What happened is that Carlos Queiroz went to Manchester United and they stole him from us because he knew the Sporting. Well, that's life. You do your best but sometimes people are stronger than you. "


  1. Ronaldo did not want the number 7 in Manchester

He is known for his initials CR7, that have become a real brand, but Cristiano could have been named CR28 ... A fact that is not very impressive, but was quite plausible as the Portuguese wanted to take the number 28 at United. Ronaldo wanted to avoid the pressure that represented the legendary number 7 in Manchester, worn by George Best, Eric Cantona and David Beckham. A little scared, Cristiano? Sir Alex Ferguson himself made his recruit accept the number 7 because he trusted his skills. This was done on purpose to make him work hard to honor this symbolic number as well. That's what you call perfect coaching!

George Best, Manchester United ... Soccer - Football League Division One - Manchester United v West Ham United ... 18-09-1971 ... NULL ... NULL ... Photo Credit should read: Peter Robinson/EMPICS. Unique Reference No. 485678

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo is an avid poker player

Various rumors over the years made reference to the strong tastes of Cristiano Ronaldo for online poker tournaments. A fact that can be verified since the player has become one of the faces of the great poker website PokerStars.


  1. CR7 almost won the title of Best Young player in the 2006 World Cup

The goal machine has a lot of collective and individual awards but here's one that escaped him. Cristiano Ronaldo had accomplished at the age of 21 years a great competition and had managed to score a goal in the semifinals of the 2006 World Cup.

If the votes were in his favor, his involvement in the famous red card for Wayne Rooney during England-Portugal cost him the price. It is finally Lukas Podolski who inherited the precious title, while the CR7 was not even second in the rankings. So unfair!


  1. His mother pushed his departure to Real Madrid

Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro Cristiano aka Mom, is a big fan of Real Madrid. And nothing more logical for Maria to see her son take the mythical white tunic and trample the lawn of the Santiago Bernabéu all weekend. The other reason why Ronaldo is on the side of the Spanish capital was to allow him to be closer to his native Portugal. Manchester and England are too far for Cristiano’s mom. What we wouldn’t we do for our mothers?


  1. CR7 broke the attendance record during his presentation at Real Madrid

Whether you’re a Real fan or not, it is impossible to forget the extraordinary scene during the presentation of Cristiano Ronaldo at the Santiago Bernabéu July 6th 2009. A date that will forever be marked in the memory of the Portuguese player, since he gathered alone over 80 000 people in Madrid. A broken record for the presentation of a player, and what better way to pump up his ego? The previous holder of the record was none other than Mr. Diego Armando Maradona. The Argentinean was greeted by about 75 000 supporters of Napoli in 1984.


  1. He won the first Puskas trophy

Cristiano Ronaldo can brag about being the first winner of the famous Puskas award, rewarding the best goal of the year. This trophy in honor of the Real Madrid legend Ferenc Puskas was established in October 2009. CR7 has won the first prize for his monumental goal with Manchester United during the semifinals of the Champions League against FC Porto. With 17.68% of votes, ahead of Iniesta (Barcelona) and Grafite (Wolfsburg), Ronaldo hit hard!


  1. No tattoos, no alcohol, no cigarettes

Cristiano Ronaldo is extremely professional and does not smoke and does not drink alcohol! The explanation for his repugnance towards alcohol is linked to the tragic death of his father who was an alcoholic. Regarding the absence of tattoos and his repugnance towards smoking it is explained by his blood donations. Indeed, the Portuguese avoids all this so that he is able to give blood regularly. Such a caring man!


  1. Ronaldo, a charitable man!

And yes, despite his selfish image, Cristiano Ronaldo wears his heart on his sleeve ! In addition to regular blood donations, the former star of Manchester does not hesitate to give his own money to help his neighbors. In 2009, CR7 donated £ 100,000 to a hospital where his mother was treated. In 2012, he paid the treatment of a young boy with terminal cancer. While in 2014, the Portuguese paid £ 50,000 of surgery costs for a child and even to cut his hair in a "zig zag" in reference to the scar of this young boy. Finally, Cristiano is an ambassador for "Save The Children" association. What a great man...


Bonus: Cristiano Jr's mother identity

This is one of the best kept secrets of Cristiano Ronaldo. It is still impossible to knowthe identity of the mother of Cistiano Jr, born on 17th of June 2010.

Some speak of a surrogate mother, others talk about an affair with a waitress, but Cristiano Ronaldo keeps everything secret. We simply know that the little 5 year old was born in the United States, and her mother is Portuguese as stated by Ronaldo. Secrecy is such as Cristiano Junior does not know the identity of his own mother.



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