Neymar's beautiful message to Messi and Suarez

OMG Staff - mardi 24 mai 2016 1.3k Likes

Following Barca's King's Cup victory against Sevilla yesterday, Neymar posted a picture with a heavy meaning for his friends Messi and Suarez.

To win titles sometimes it takes more than competitors, you need friends. Leicester buddies band is clear proof, FC Barcelona's as well. Winner of the Copa del Rey last night against FC Sevilla, the Catalan club could count on Messi, author of two passes, to win 2-0.

with the help of his teammates Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, the crazy dribbler registered a count of 24 goals in La Liga. A strong friendship, that symbolises the success of the Team as Neymar displayed via a beautiful photo posted on Instagram featuring the three phenomena: "Heroes? No ! We are just happy to play football and enjoy this friendship. "



The message is clear, full of humility and proves that the fantastic Brazilian feels at home in FC Barcelona. Friendship first.


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