Here are the 10 most stylish players on the pitch!

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Any soccer fan, who respects himself, has a sharp eye when it comes to analyze the style of the players. If some players are less talented than others, their style and elegance can make us appreciate them. Here are the 10 most stylish players on the pitch!

  1. Tomas Rosicky

High class, at its finest. On the field, Tomas Rosicky is not the most talented, but his fabulous style has no equal. And if some players make us watch a game with their technical quality, "the little Mozart" does not need to set the field on fire to catch our attention for 90 minutes. He definitely is the classiest, most elegant and most handsome player of the XXI century.


  1. David Beckham

Outside the field, he is the most handsome player of them all! But inside the field his natural beauty never leaves for too long. Whatever jersey he wore during his magnificent career, David Beckham has always sweated with class. Despite the universal sex symbol’s numerous haircut changes, his style remains intact. His ability to gently caress the ball and place it on the head of his partners is unique and leavers no one insensitive.


  1. Juan Román Riquelme

If Maradona and Messi are the two best players in Argentine football history, the classiest one is probably Juan Román Riquelme. The former Villarreal game leader, also went through Barca, has the ability to "wash the ball" with a natural flow. Call him Mr. extremely fresh.


  1. Javier Pastore

Bought with $47 million by Paris Saint-Germain, Javier Pastore is hardly worth the price of the transfer, even if we can see some progresses on the field. As for the real unconditional soccer fans, to see Javier play is priceless. Svelte, handsome, perfectly stylish, with chewable soccer techniques ... "El Flaco" has managed to make us forget that he is skinny. Proves his elegance.


  1. Guti

The white jersey of Real Madrid suited him so well ... José María Gutiérrez Hernández, aka Guti, played with the legendary Madrid but had nothing to envy them when it came to style. A left-handed just like we like them.


  1. Ricardo Kaká

Just like Pastore, Kaká has the power to make us watch a game just to see him play. Very elegant, the Brazilian with the shitty name is able to pierce any defense with ease and a disconcerting class.


  1. Steven Gerrard

"Captain Gerrard" has deeply marked history by his dedication, his talent but also his class. If stylish players are mainly game leaders, Steven Gerrard is the middle fielder exception. Very complete soccer player, the English displayed a class that only Roger Federer equals.


  1. Marco Reus

In Dortmund, when it comes to the dress code and the haircut it is Marco Reus who gets business done! The German has a wonderful elegance when playing football, almost making us believe that he is in fashion show. The perfect example of the ‘’perfect-swag’’. Take notes, Aubame.


  1. Edgar Davids

Unlike other players whose style is obvious, Edgar Davids knew how to make himself worshipped by his own. With stylish glasses he wore during matches, the Dutchman was a special player that the observers noticed immediately and soccer fans naturally appreciated.


  1. Andrea Pirlo and Zinedine Zidane

Just because when he is on the field, it looks like he plays in a suit, Andrea Pirlo deserves to be included in the list of the most stylish players. Italian class. But how could we not also include Zidane? It is true that the older jerseys did not always beautify the soccer players making them hardly stylish but Zizou ... what a classy man! The Frenchman was eye candy with his smooth and perfect movements.


Bonus: the legendary Thomas Müller

Okay, okay, we're joky. But he definitely is something else!


In addition, some other players could have also gained a place in this team. Among them are Neuer, Thiago Silva, Xabi Alonso, Kroos, Ozil, Iniesta, Modric, Totti, Van Persie, Nedved, Rui Costa or Ronaldinho. Reminder that we had to stop our research from a historical point, because the mini-shorts rolled up to navel with the jerseys tucked in, it was just too hard to look at… Too bad for Mr. Cruyff.

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