Anthony Martial in a relationship with a reality TV star

OMG Staff - jeudi 19 mai 2016 1.5k Likes

Anthony Martial is in a relationship with a reality TV star

Freshly dumped by his wife, Anthony Martial quickly bounced back and apparently with a reality TV star.

As it was recently announced, Martial was dumped by his partner because of cheating.

If the English magazine The Sun thinks that Manchester United’s striker has cheated on his wife with a former finalist of Miss Great Britain, the French blogger Jeremstar reveals that Martial is in a relationship with Melanie, former candidate of Secret Story and Angels of reality TV.

According to Jeremstar, the wife of Martial knew about the activities of her husband from the beginning and decided to leave since the relationship between the two new lovebirds did not stop...

Here is the girl that apparently has the heart of the Golden Boy:




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