Andrea Pirlo lamenting Mario Balotelli's failure to progress

Maxime H. - dimanche 24 juillet 2016 163 Likes

Andrea Pirlo is saddened by Mario Balotelli's case. It is clear that the Italian player no longer has the same reputation he had a few years ago.

Even when it comes to reproaching someone their behavior, Andrea Pirlo does it with class. "Frustrated" by the career of Mario Balotelli, the New York City player, in an interview with the Mirror, advised his former national team partner and emphasized on his incredible talent.

"He frustrates me but I have a lot of affection for Mario. He shouldn't be just a player that makes buzz in the press. We can't forget how special this player is. [...] I played with some of the best strikers in the world, and I can tell you that Mario has the qualities to be one of the best strikers in the world" said the former Juventus and AC Milan player.

"I thought that by now he would have already reached that level, that's where he is supposed to be. He has no time to lose. He has played for so many big clubs that we easily forget he is only 25 years old. [...] He has to choose his next destination with great attention. I have read rumors about him and China. With all due respect, Mario should not get there yet" Pirlo added.

Andrea we can promise you that all soccer fans are a bit "frustrated" by Mario and the path he has taken. But let's be hopeful, Super Mario will return, exactly like he did against Germany at Euro 2012 :

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