Another much-needed ego boost for Cristiano Ronaldo

Maxime H. - jeudi 28 juillet 2016 217 Likes

After a statue, wax work, fragrance, underwear range, hotel, movie, Ballon d’Or or even museum, Cristiano Ronaldo might have already reach his ego peak. Actually not.

As you all should know, Cristiano Ronaldo is from Madeira, a small island belonging to Portugal. As CR7 is one of the most famous personalties the island has ever known, Miguel Albuquerque, president of the regional government of Madeira, decided to name the airport after the Real Madrid star.

After opening a new hotel in his hometown of Funchal, the Portuguese has given us another surprise into the world of travel with the unveiling of Cristiano Ronaldo Airport.

If Pestana CR7 - the name of his hotel - has been described as “one of the world’s most egotistical hotels”, Cristiano Ronaldo Airport may not be described equally. It is actually often rated as one of the most dangerous places to land.

Wikipedia even says: "The airport was once infamous for its short runway which, surrounded by high mountains and the ocean, made it a tricky landing for even the most experienced of pilots. It is considered one of the most peculiarly perilous airports in the world."

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